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Sound Consulting

For any pub, bar or nightclub serious about their live music offerings, professional equipment is a must.

The idea is to keep your audience entertained and enthralled so that they do not want to leave your venue.

The challenge is to firstly have the best system designed that will cater to your venue within a budget you can afford.

Santos has now created a sound division called Sensor S that has a team of professional DJ’S and artists that can come and consult you on your sound requirements.

Whether its a small cocktail bar, Warehouse party, Street Festival or =Outdoor party we have a solution.

The Sensor S lab was created with innovation and technology in mind and is a melting pot of ideas and experiments. Founder Mark Santolin has been involved with electronic music for 30 years and he felt

Venue owners do not understand the importance of having good sound and equipment. “Its true but unfortunate that owners do not have the time and expertise to do proper research on how crucial sound and lighting is for their venue. Sensor S will make it easy for them by listening to their needs, design a system for them and provide leasing options to help with cash flow.”

For a free consultation call
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Hire Division

Having a Party?

We can help you.

Santos Imports has now developed a new sector of the business in order to help existing and new customers.

It was a common question asked do you hire glassware?

A small cocktail bar for instance gets asked to hosts a party and needs 200 Martini Glasses. This can be a burden for many operators especially those just starting out.

As managing director Mark Santolin states “ sometimes its not a viable option for a venue to buy hundreds of pieces of glassware and it was a constant question.”

It was just natural to look at it and after consultation with the team they decided to develop a range that is affordable and classy.

For more details email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pricing for Glasses

GLW-L570038 White wine glass - $0.85
GLW-L570021 Red Wine glass - $0.85
GLS-P52134 Shot Glass - $0.70
GLT-P52694 Whiskey old fashioned tumbler - $0.70
GLH-P52703 Hi ball glass - $0.70
GLM-P44335 Martini Glass V Line - $1.05
GLF-A9344 Champagne Flute - $0.75
GLB-3705 Brandy Balloon GLB-3705 $1.05

***All the product prices in this site are Ex.GST

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