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Having a Party?

We can help you.

Santos Imports has now developed a new sector of the business in order to help existing and new customers.

It was a common question asked do you hire glassware?

A small cocktail bar for instance gets asked to hosts a party and needs 200 Martini Glasses. This can be a burden for many operators especially those just starting out.

As managing director Mark Santolin states “ sometimes its not a viable option for a venue to buy hundreds of pieces of glassware and it was a constant question.”

It was just natural to look at it and after consultation with the team they decided to develop a range that is affordable and classy.

For more details email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pricing for Glasses

GLW-L570038 White wine glass - $0.85
GLW-L570021 Red Wine glass - $0.85
GLS-P52134 Shot Glass - $0.70
GLT-P52694 Whiskey old fashioned tumbler - $0.70
GLH-P52703 Hi ball glass - $0.70
GLM-P44335 Martini Glass V Line - $1.05
GLF-A9344 Champagne Flute - $0.75
GLB-3705 Brandy Balloon GLB-3705 $1.05

***All the product prices in this site are Ex.GST

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